The article I talked about yesterday sent chills up my spine.

It was already chilly enough outside to warrant a sweater.

The article didn't help.

Some people in my past used to call me paranoid or even "crazy" because I was so worried about the "long game" previous individuals from my past would be tempted to play.

I had seen these people up close and in person. Some of them I knew intimately.

Very intimately.

And others, I just lived near, or had long-standing working relationships with.

I knew what things might "set them off", what topics I should avoid, and yet over time, none of that even mattered anymore.

  • If they wanted to fly off the handle again and display dangerous behavior, they would.
  • If they wanted to falsely accuse me some more, they would.
  • If they wanted to keep lying to police officers on a regular basis they would.
  • If they wanted to keep sending me certified letters, claiming that previous drafts of their seventeen-pages long worth of tirade, accusations, and justifications, were invalid only so they could keep sending me their new "official versions" they would.
  • If they were going to have me followed, they would.
If you've ever lived through any type of ongoing harassment, false allegations, or bogus legal retaliations under the guise of "legitimacy," you're not crazy.

It's horrifying and the developed anxiety because of it can be debilitating for some.

And when you try to get help, it all falls on deaf ears.

  • The police seem to have their "hands tied" unless this person actually finally hurts you or your property (and you can offer some sort of proof).
  • The lawyer will only help you if you can keep feeding them thousands of dollars, hand over fist.
  • Your employer is tired of you missing work because you "can't concentrate" or because of therapy appointments.
  • Your friends and family get tired of hearing about it. They forget why you won't travel certain routes anymore, participate in certain activities, or avoid certain locations.

Eventually, you get labeled as paranoid, crazy, or worse.

But the danger never really passes or stops until certain justice has been put into place to make it stop for good. That form of justice varies.

I know. I've been there.

You're not crazy.

But here's the rub of it all: you deserve to live your life free from these kinds of restrictions and fear.

If your long-time enemies see what they've done to you mentally, emotionally, (or even spiritually), it feeds them and gives them a sick satisfaction.

  • At some point you're going to get sick of what they're doing to you.
  • At some point you're going to get tired of people in authority not being able or willing to help you stay safe.
  • At some point you're going to get tired of feeling like you're in a prison with invisible walls.
  • At some point you're going to want to fight back.

And when you're ready, the legal course is waiting for you.

Get the keys to justice: