I just read some answers on Quora given by some attorneys for two different questions posed.

I feel pretty snarky and I need to choose my words carefully.

The level of arrogance of some of these lawyers are appalling.

In both cases, the answers stressed that cost should never be an issue and that you're going to pay through the nose. The underlying tone is that if you don't, it's your own fault for not getting justice.

  • One lawyer admitted that because the way the courts are so poorly administered that sometimes you won't get justice. (I'm GLAD the legal course covers this and teaches you exactly what to do to help rectify it!)
  • The other lawyer admitted that he doesn't listen at all to his client's analysis of what happened, because a client doesn't have the training to analyze correctly (didn't go to law school).
  • Both lawyers put forth (in so many words and I'm paraphrasing to avoid a potential lynch mob), "It's my way or the highway or we're done" when it comes to handling the case.

If you don't get justice, you either didn't have a case, or you didn't know the rules and how to navigate the court. Not because you couldn't afford an attorney.

I still feel a little snarky.

Can you see how taking this legal course can let you slice through some of this stuff?

There's a very clear path to navigating it all and you have the right to learn for yourself. I'm logging into the legal course to study for awhile.

You can get your own copy here: http://www.keystojustice.com