I've talked a lot over the years, but one thing I haven't spoken publicly about are my personal experiences with the legal system, and at times, with law enforcement.

When you're in the thick of it, you're afraid to.

After all, anything you say can and will be held against you...

I would later learn that thousands experience different types and degrees of harm on a daily basis due to lack of knowledge of the legal system, the legal processes, and investigations.

It's not always physical.

The Short Version

This is the very short version of just one of my stories. This one had to do with false allegations and a case that stretched out far longer than it ever needed to.

This may not be your exact situation, but as you'll see, there are most likely striking similarities.

There were times I didn't feel safe while I was in the process of trying to "make the courts understand."

I was angry at the injustices I saw happening in attorney-client communications, paperwork being filed with the court, in shock about the claims the court was allowing, and dumbfounded at evidences that were clearly dismissed and or ignored at almost every stage.

As things grew on, I became worn down, a shell of my former self. My strength was gone, I was living in fear, and I saw no end in sight.

As time drew on, things only got worse:

  • my work relationships became strained,
  • my job performance was suffering,
  • my 401k and IRA were gone (to pay the lawyer),
  • the romantic relationship I'd been in broke completely down and disintegrated into a steaming pile of raw, runny, smelly, and toxic sewage,
  • I wasn't sleeping,
  • my diet revolved around the drive through value menu,

and nothing I seemed to do or try put an end to any of it.

I wanted my life back.

I began researching everything I could get could my hands on and tried to find others who were dealing with the same issues. Many were either now homeless, forced out of their careers, lost love interests, and or their mental health was damaged beyond what an every other week counseling session was going to fix. Others still, suffered far worse damages the longer things went on.

I didn't sleep well for a week after that.

All I could find were partial pieces of legal information or legal theory, never knowing what was actually valid or not, never knowing what would actually make the problems go away.

Nothing I found seemed solid.

Eventually, I found the legal course I'm now taking (and won't shut up about), but I didn't purchase it back then.

The stress levels were off the chart and I wasn't going to be able to focus.

My instincts were quietly and consistently nagging me: Not only was I not going to be able to focus, but I had the suspicion, the course would reveal just how much and exactly in which ways I'd been screwed over.

And I wasn't ready to face that too, simply because I knew (or at least believed at the time) there was nothing I could do about it.

Eventually, after more than 18 months, and over $10k in legal fees gone, the legal issue passed. It would be another 12 months before I could find some normalcy in life, and another six months before I felt ready enough to buy the course.

Turns out I was right about many things and wrong about some others.

The course has changed everything for me.

I can prove to you, conclusively, that there's a better way to navigate even the smallest of legal issues.

You don't have to be afraid anymore. I found the keys to justice and now so can you:

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