Maybe I'm being cynical.

Maybe I just like knowing how much money I'm saving.

Reading content with #legal #law, and other such related tags, usually brings me to a lot of outsourced content or just really plain "fluff" generic content, including advertisements.

For some of the topics that are discussed in these advertisements, I find the corner of my lip sneers upward for a second.

My thoughts: "I already learned how to stop ----- from happening, buddy. Learned it in the legal course."

And I'm calm about it.

I know lawyers are just trying to make a living and I'm glad good lawyers exist.

But I also know that when you take this self-help legal course, you start learning things you never thought possible.

Even though I may not be facing the exact situation as described the by advertising attorney at that moment, I know if I was, I would be able to either fix it myself (saving me a $2500.00 retainer fee to start...) or I would be able to ask the attorney questions about his/her case methodology overall and then exact strategies at each step of the process.

They wouldn't be normal questions an attorney is used to hearing from a prospective client.

These types of questions may even make the lawyer uncomfortable.

And having taken the legal course, you could ask those questions. You could listen to see if a lawyer will offer which strategies and why.

You'd also be able to spot the strategies they didn't mention and ask them about why it wasn't mentioned.

Knowing how to find these things for yourself opens you up to great possibility.

It can save you money and if you choose to consult with or hire a lawyer, you can have a far more intelligent discussion.

Since you've already learned much of what they know, it keeps you calm.

You can exercise "the force" without "the farce."

Yoda would be proud.

Get the keys to justice: