I support good lawyers. They exist.

But bad lawyers just make it soooooooo easy for me to keep proving my point.

Just read an article out of Oklahoma that speaks about a lawyer who was charged with a felony for, in part, witness intimidation. She was involved romantically with her client. The client's ex-girlfriend had testified against her client (her now boyfriend).

According to the article, the lawyer went to great lengths for her revenge.

First, "revenge" for a lawyer should never be an option.

Second, this behavior is exactly the type of behavior that people who've been strung through legal processes worry about.

It's the kind of thing that others accuse of you of being "paranoid" for.

The lawyer hired a private investigator to track down the ex-girlfriend.

She had someone else plant drug-like substances at the ex-girlfriend's house and then start a rumor that large amounts of drugs could be purchased there, which subsequently caused the DEA to monitor the home.

The lawyer thought she could get away with it.

The fact that she followed through on these choices, believing they were fully justified, indicates purposeful maliciousness on her part.

She used her knowledge of the legal system for evil.

It's also my proof that lawyers (or your sworn nemeses) would truly go to great lengths to make your live a living hell if they feel justified in doing so.

Bad lawyers not only prey upon your ignorance of the legal systems, etc..., they also may even (like this lawyer) try to twist things to be maliciously used against you, feeling like there's "nothing they can do because they can't afford an attorney."

  • Not all lawyers are good, competent, or have innocent intentions.
  • Not all court opponents will behave logically, obey court orders, and or let you live in peace just because a judge ordered them to.

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