Below you will find links to my some of my writing samples. I tried to provide enough that will show you I not only understand different industries, but also to see whether or not my style and voice is what you might be looking for in a writer.

You’ll notice that these samples vary in voice or tone. This is because I was writing for previous clients who had style and voice requirements that were different than my own.

I’m able to create content for you that complies with your requirements, not just word counts, but style and tone as well.


Some names, dates, and figures have been changed for privacy reasons and or that was the only way I was able to share the sample with you. These are just SAMPLES and will not necessarily reflect exactly how your finished product will turn out based upon your needs. ALSO: Some of these samples are linked to where they are currently published. I wrote the content and other entities own all the rights to those articles, therefore I have no control over the format and layout of those articles. They are presented here to offer variety to the samples or to show you how I delineate instructions and or can conform to various style and voice requirements even when different than my own.

Technical Writing

The Rise of Verifiable Credentials Technology

Technical Concept: Database Design

Giving Directions - Sample

Directions to Set Up a Tent on a Concrete Slab

Other technical writing examples remain the property of previous employers and cannot be provided due to confidentiality agreements.

Business-to-Business (B2B) Case Study Success Stories

Case Study - Longer Case Study (Financial Services)

One other one is available upon request with the permission of a previous client.

Open Source Contributions

See open source contributions on Github. When not employed, you won't see the contributions to private organizations I was previously part of.

Preserving Memories

Dancing with Smoke

The Woman in the Old Blue Truck

The Man in the Station Wagon

Web Content/Blog Posts

When a Domestic Violence Shelter won’t Help You

When You're Forced to Live in Your Vehicle

Managing Questions by Total Strangers while Living in My Van

Catalog Category & FAQ Examples Catalog Category FAQ Section

How To's

How to Write a Church Outreach Proposal

How to Remove Candle Wax from a Bathtub

How to Cash in Points for Airfare


The Rise of Verifiable Credentials Technology

When You're Forced to Live in your Vehicle

How do Earthworms Breathe?

Activities to Do at a Women’s Retreat


Scooter vs. Bike

Pros & Cons of Prison Privatization