Everyone loved Lassie, the sweet collie that always, always, always had Timmy's back.

You could even say she "advocated" for him in a lot of ways, pushing the grown-ups to listen when they wouldn't believe Timmy.

Everyone relaxed just a little bit more during sticky situations when Lassie was around. She could be trusted and her presence made you feel safe.

That's how a lawyer's presence is supposed to feel.

The truth though? Nobody is going to advocate for your position as well as you can.

No one is as invested in proving what you're saying is true as you are.

Unless you have a really awesome relationship with an attorney, they may just not advocate for you the way you would prefer.

This is baffling since you're paying them thousands of dollars.

You asked them for their help, but then a few things start to happen.

They discussed your case with you. You agreed on a path and a strategy, but then suddenly, once the case gets started, a few things tend to happen:

  1. the case just stalls. Neither side is filing paperwork. Nobody is trying to negotiate. Worse, you may be asking your lawyer to negotiate, to get the case moving and nothing happens, except you're still getting charged for each email and phone call that is made.
  2. the other side starts asking for "weird requests" and your attorney just expects you to comply with the requests without question. This may even be true even if the other side is not complying with requests that have been made by your attorney.
  3. the other side starts making untrue statements about you and your lawyer just expects you to defend it as though it's true a statement. Your lawyer just assumed what the other side said about you is true.

These are all unfortunate behaviors that currently exist within today's legal system. The only people that seem to really be benefiting from it are the attorneys working the cases.

Resolving conflict as soon as possible, in most cases, are in everyone's best interest.

Attorneys should want to help you resolve the issues as soon as possible, which means less than 60 days or sooner, not 18+ months or more.

The technology exists to prevent this on several levels.

Since no one will advocate for you better than you, it's in your best interest to take the time to learn what it takes to win in court. There are rules that need to be followed. You can make the court hear you. You can control the lawyer.

You can be far more empowered than you are right now by taking this course.

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