Why should anyone take me seriously as I'm clearly not a legal professional?

Because I'm NOT handing out legal advice.

I'm simply pointing people to the resource that I know is going to give them what they need when it comes defending themselves in court.

If you're defending yourself in court, you have all the same abilities and permissions as a lawyer does when it comes to navigating your case. You can do everything a lawyer can do when it comes to your own case.

But you didn't go to law school and the paralegal down the street can't give you legal advice either.

But you or someone you care about still needs help.

Is the solution really to start learning on your own?


It takes less time than you think it might. And the course makes it very easy and non-overwhelming to learn as possible.

And that is exactly WHY what I have to say should be taken seriously.

I'm proof you don't have to be a legal professional in order to understand the ways of the court or even the laws.

Most non-legal professionals only deal with one legal situation at a time. Maybe two, sometimes three -- right? But most everyone who deals with it, regardless of the type of legal issue is, is only dealing with one at a time.

You don't have to know every little thing about that entirety of law or even the branches of the court that have nothing to do with your specific case.

You can forget everything else and just focus on your stuff, not the 10 different types a law the attorney down the street may know.

Understanding this, suddenly opens up the possibilities that you can do something about your situation, that you aren't actually as helpless as you feel. You may not be as screwed as you're imagining.

The legal course, literally makes it easy to learn. You just have to start. If I can learn it, anyone can.

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