Three things usually happen:

  • She's yelling on camera about how much her ex screwed her over.
  • A man stands silently every few seconds flipping over pages with words on them, but his lips do not move and no sounds are made.
  • A group webinar is held to show the different stages of becoming a "private" vs. a "public" citizen.

These are three ways some people end up coping with their legal issues. In all of these cases, there's a feeling of helplessness and a lack of control.

A person only takes to video yelling about their ex when they feel no one believes them anymore about the injustices (real or perceived) the person might be experiencing.

A person who stands on a video but says nothing while they're flipping pages over to tell their story needs to communicate, needs to be heard, needs to be believed, but they are terrified to try and keep speaking anymore.

Those who believe you can revert to being a "private" citizen over a "public" citizen and try to teach others too, feel there is no recourse left in order to "get justice." They have no more hope for our legal systems in their current modern operating structure.

Each one of these represents a need "to do something" to make the injustices they're suffering stop, for common sense and humanity to reign once again.

Each of one of them also represents unfortunate and a horrible, horrible lack of information. Proper information. Legal information.

What they didn't know

At each step of the issue the individual was facing, something else could have most likely been done to fix, solve, or remedy the injustice the person was facing.

They just:

  • didn't know it,
  • didn't believe it would work,
  • weren't able to trust the legal professional that was helping (or not helping) them, or
  • couldn't afford to implement the solution.

When you take the legal self-help course, you start to see why you don't actually need to take to public video about your grievances or chase highly unproven and secretive theories, why you probably shouldn't, and learn instead what else can be done.

It's effective, it's real, and it's not missing any information.

Get the keys to justice: