"If they make a law which the Constitution does not authorize, it is void."
--- Oliver Ellsworth, January 7, 1788, Connecticut Ratifying Convention

Back then law was very simple.

And in theory, it absolutely still should be.

No doubt about it.

And this is something (one of the very, very few things) that some groups labeled as a threat by the FBI and other governmental agencies get right.

Natural law and common law still exist.

The problem is, is that many of today's statutes and other codes written on the books claim that "common law was codified" into these statutes and that the statutes now take precedence.


Some of them are and make sense when you find them. Some of them though, make no sense whatsoever. Right?

Let's say, you're either being hauled off to jail, investigated, or have been served court papers.

Now, some people's inclination is to first say "the Constitution says..." and they fill in whichever amendment they feel is currently being violated. Now, that doesn't mean that it's not.

We've been taught or have read that the Constitution is the highest law of the land. And that is, in theory true.

So why then must anyone go through the court processes and procedures or investigative processes that currently exist in their current forms?

Because the system today, at large (legal, law enforcement, and any kind of forensics or investigations) doesn't care about your feelings or your perceptions.

If you're caught up in this, are they going to listen to your constitutional arguments while you're in hand cuffs, in an interrogation room, or while people are tossing your house 30 seconds after you've just been served a search warrant?

Be honest.

They won't. They won't listen. They won't care.

Those individuals are bound by the things that are currently on the books in their current form.

They are required to keep shoving you through the process, whether it's right or wrong.

Read that again. Slowly.

The "system" isn't going to listen to simple, common sense, or the simplicity of the law as it used to be.

Once you find yourself in this situation (or similar ones), the ONLY way to protect yourself during that process is to either hire a good lawyer you can actually trust ---


--- protect your rights, yourself, and your pocket book, by forcing the individuals who are shoving you through that system to follow the rules, procedures, and laws that are currently on the books.

Only then, will your constitutional arguments be heard.

The only way to do this without a good lawyer is to have learned these things for yourself.

I know we didn't grow up learning them. We should have. But we didn't. And it's sad we live in a day and age where almost everything we do is considered, or can be considered a crime.

You can fight back. You can balance those scales. You just have to know how. The course teaches you everything you need to know.

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