The video segment started when the man stepped up to the podium.

It appeared to be a council meeting of some kind, where the public could have their say on this, that, or the other.

The man read from a carefully crafted statement. It was logical, sensible, and tender.

As someone who's been systematically dragged through the legal system, he was trying to explain the pitfalls and catch-22's that exist in the system, how it effected his family, and where's he's at now personally because of it.

He spoke about law, the intensity of the legal fees, and the broken relationships with his children.

Right in the middle of this statement though, he used the words "kidnapped and abducted."

  • Some of those people sitting and listening know that it's 100 percent true what he's describing when it comes our court systems, especially family court.
  • Other sitting at that table lost him the minute he said "kidnapped and abducted."
  • Others sitting there have been led to believe that people that bring forth such grievances are ill-informed or worse, brainwashed.

Non-custodial mothers deal with this too.

The stress at times is unbearable.

Being driven into poverty is a real thing with these processes -- the legal fees on top of the child support, fighting for your right to see your kids and for them to see each other if they have separate families.

It would be different if the process were done with honesty and efficiency.

Technology will be changing that and the meantime, the only way to have a fighting chance is to start learning for yourself.

The man finished his declarations. Some at the council were moved, others could relate, others it had no influence with. All of them were grateful that he did this calmly and within his time allotted.

I know he could have had different experiences if he started to learn for himself.

Learning for yourself will reduce the impact of the confusion and negativity. You'll see more clearly what's happening and what exactly what your options are.

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