Growing up near the coast, we got to visit the ocean. My parents taught me to never turn my back on the ocean.

Sneaker waves are real, fast, sudden, and can be very dangerous. They're waves that come way farther onto shore than normal even though you didn't see any other normal signs of a larger wave possibly coming in.

They're shallow, subtle, and horribly fast. Getting caught in one can get you swept out to sea.

When you notice one coming, you drop everything, gather your loved ones and start running for shore.

You're lucky if you can outrun the wave.

Sometimes it's not swirling at your ankles, but instead gulping you down at the thighs.

When I had first gotten into some of the "meat and potatoes" part of the legal course, I spent a good part of a day reading. (Couldn't stop).

The cadence and rhythm of the content was normal so far.

But the further I got into it, I started seeing things about my previous situations in life that I'd never known before. It reminded me of the subtle fast sneaker wave you weren't expecting.

It made my blood run cold.

I didn't want to:

  • have, own or operate a home based business ever again
  • have sex ever again
  • get married every again
  • agree to help anyone for any reason
  • push back on anything
  • be in caught up in confrontation, right or wrong
  • touch anyone outside of trusted friends or family (hugs, shoulder taps, etc.) ever again
  • do any kind of commercial business with people I barely know.

That's when I knew I had to stop reading for the day.

There were differences - legal and subtle differences- that present themselves in what we believe are normal every day human interactions.

Right or wrong, these rules and definitions are on the books.

Since, that day, did my blood warm back up? Yes.

I still hope to have reasonable interactions with reasonable people on a regular basis.

I've since gotten my ducks in a row for my newly found "side" freelance writing activities. Out of the three different places I had to call and deal with, ALL of them turned out to be wrong in one way shape or form -- but it's all been taken care of.

I've "pushed back" when it's appropriate.

I've hugged a few a people since then.

It's the unreasonable people you have to watch out for.

You cannot reason with an unreasonable person.

One more time: You cannot reason with an unreasonable person!

When businesses and the courts adopt verifiable credentials technology, it will be nearly impossible to make false allegations even grace the court house steps, let alone make it to the county clerk.

Until that happens, everyone should be learning the legal system and the courts for themselves. The course makes it easy to to.

Once you learn how to navigate these potential hazards, you're less likely to get swallowed alive by them. You're not afraid to live life anymore (or go back to the ocean).

Get the keys to justice: