There's only a few elves that know about it.

The older, wiser ones.

The Law Library

It's the law library hidden in an alcove in the back of Santa's workshop.

The top elves go into the meeting chamber and conduct daily meetings. Along the back wall is a line of tightly wound scrolls. These are the names of all the people currently on the earth for the previous year.

Sometimes, after the meetings end, a few of the elves stay behind and wait until the door to the meeting chamber is closed.

Then carefully, one will make his way over to the planter box with a bushel of holly that sides directly to the left of the scroll shelf. He looks at the others who remained behind and they nod once.

The elf sticks his hand ever so slowly and carefully into the holly bush and turns a knob behind the scroll shelf and between the wall. The scroll shelf moves and reveals the library hidden inside.

Once inside, the elves close the secret door and they are left alone to read and ponder.

These books are the books that Santa uses to determine who has been naughty, who has been nice, and what rewards or not-rewards every person will get this year.

There's books on ethics with questions like:

  • Did the child share his/her toys with their sibling(s)?
  • Was mom and dad nice to each other for more at least 11 out of 12 cumulative months out of the year?
  • Did the employer pay his all of his/her employees fairly?

There's one great big book in the center of the room -- a large dictionary that holds definitions of things like:

  • good
  • bad
  • fairly
  • good-enough
  • wrong
  • wrong-wrong
  • really bad

and more.

There are other books too that govern things like:

  • forgiveness
  • circumstantial situations
  • hard-times

and bad governments.

The top elves make it their business to study these books and bring various items to Santa's attention throughout the year.

In the Past it was Simpler

Most of the elves, like most people, want to just simply believe that if you do the right thing, you're considered "good" and you'll get your rewards at the end of the year.

They want to believe that Santa "just knows" who's been naughty or nice and believe everything really is just that simple.

And back in the day, it was.

People inherently knew right from wrong. Crime was easily defined and common sense reigned in the realm of law and justice.

But over time, different cultures developed, and different people had different definitions of right and wrong. And some people even starting to twist and use bad things for their own personal gain, while trying to use the definitions on the books to convince those around them that they were right.

This didn't sit well with Santa.

So he gathered some of his smartest elves when it came to writing, story-telling, and teaching. They all agreed that right and wrong, good and bad, and all of the rest needed to be defined. They also needed exceptions built-in for situations that forced a good person to do things they otherwise wouldn't do. They needed provisions surrounding when bad was turned into good and or when people genuinely forgave each other.

Thus, the law library hidden in Santa's workshop was born.

They all agreed this was fair for the whole world.

Life was Changing

Ever since then, only the smartest and elves best in their various talents had access to these books. They didn't want to overwhelm the rest of the elves who were just happy tinkering away building toys throughout the year.

But as time grew on, so did the amount of people in the earth and the various cultures and nationalities. People had harder times than in the past, things were moving much much faster than normal, and suddenly the rulers could not keep up with the people who insisted on taking unfair advantage of the rules or of each other.

This grieved Santa and his elves.

One elf suggested the possibility of sharing the law library with others to help them be taken advantage of less and to help the rulers of the day make the naughty people stop their general naughtiness faster.

Another elf expressed concern over the complicated nature of the rules and definitions, especially for those who have never seen it before.

Another elf, the teaching elf, suggested putting together a class that would help people learn step-by-step, layer-by-layer, so it was simple and not complicated. Kind of like how they teach new elves to build toys. They start with simple stuff and then move onto the more complicated stuff, but do it in a way where it "clicks" the first or second time they do it.

If it was done right, it couldn't hurt. Santa wholeheartedly agreed and provided a full "Ho-Ho-Ho-Ho" as his affirmative vote on the plan.

This Plan would Work

The teaching elf went to work deconstructing all the concepts and principles of how things were decided to be good, bad, and all of the exceptions go with it. He included procedures on what to do to help the local rulers help stop naughty people from being so naughty. He used pictures, drawings, video, and audio files, along with text, and lots of examples to help the others learn.

Eventually, this class was announced and released to all the elves, to eventually then be distributed to all the people.

And it was a success.

Now, while not in the North Pole, the author of the legal course did something very similar.

He took his 30+years of practice and distilled it down into easy-to-understand methods and ways of helping people understand law and court procedures. You can learn how to make naughty people stop acting naughty and faster than you thought possible.

You can be taken advantage of less.

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