I knew as I progressed in this endeavor, there would be times and things that would send chills up my spine, produce physical nausea, and threaten to send me into a mental retreat.

It's certain types of opposition. Certain types of wrongdoing and then a lack of justice to be provided for those wrongdoings.

Recently, I wrote about the deep dive I did into the statutes for a friend over a suspected (and then later confirmed) matter.

He went to various authorities for resolution.

I had hoped someone there with wisdom and a level head simply would have taken him aside, heard his concerns as a citizen, examined the evidence he'd legally compiled, and put into a process that would at least let the matter be looked into.

That didn't happen.

He got shut down and shut down hard.

This was disheartening and beyond disappointing.

After he was shut down, he visited different authorities in different departments until one heard him. Even though this particular man believed my friend and agreed with him, it seemed as though his hands were tied. My friend got the feeling that this was just such a "small thing" that it wasn't worth their time. There were "bigger fish" to fry.

Bigger consequences to pursue which leads to bigger financial gains through punitive measures.

The man acknowledged my friend's findings, but not being high on the priority list prevented him from being able to act on it.

And isn't that interesting?

Four out of five people cannot afford a lawyer. Yet, when a citizen brings lawful evidence of wrongdoing and findings to authorities, the authorities can't do anything about it because pursuing, correcting, and even prosecuting it, won't bring enough financial gain?

I won't lie.

This bothered me.  A lot.

And it didn't help that my friend went out and gathered even more evidence, from a separate, but similar private company, where he heard one employee teaching new trainees how to navigate within the grey areas of the law for their best advantage if law enforcement were to enter the picture.

That seems innocuous as I choose those particular words to describe it. I know. But I stress, I'm choosing my words carefully.

For awhile I felt upset, numb, and then started to recognize the fear of feeling absolutely helpless against "the system."

But logic and reality prove that, that isn't true.

Every-day, normal individuals can start learning the legal systems for themselves.

And when it all seems like too much, I can always bend my knees in prayer, and seek the One who has the power to stop it all, the One who promised all would be made right one day.

Strengthened, I can continue.

For not all is lost.

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