Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr., was touted as being one of the most popular and greatest Chief Justices of all time.

He did many things in his lifetime, one of which was absorbing the law, analyzing it, and then reorganizing it so that it made sense to everyone else at that time.

Today, we still use some of the things he came up with, decided, or built.

In his autobiography, I was reading something that was copied from one of his many letters or journals. He talked about his articles and lectures as "...fragmented in form, accidental in order..." what in part was what his whole mind was processing.

At that time, he was looking to make sense out of the entire body of common law and organize it in a way that made sense from concepts and topics, rather than just leaving it all bound up in the fragments and books they were randomly addressed in.

As a Technical Writer, I can tell you this was no small feat.

Not having anything digital to do it with? #Respect

It took several years for him to accomplish this. By the time his work was finished, he'd left a trail and an organized understanding that other legal scholars could then model from and follow.

Lawyers could actually use the law for what it was intended rather than just allowing it to be used for grandeur and posturing.

He wanted the law to help the people it was meant to help.

His articles and lectures were his way of working out the knowledge and topic he was learning (and in many respects, as a lawyer at that time,) knew about.

It's exactly what bloggers do today.

When I read this, I smiled, understanding what was happening in his "process" to get there. That's when it dawned on me that in 1879 -- he was essentially blogging before blogging was ever really a "thing".

And I'm grateful for the work he did back then and grateful to see an example of a good lawyer, doing a good thing for the people, and for the law.

Today, we have another good lawyer who is doing good things for people and for the law. The practicing attorney who wrote the legal course, made it easy for the non-legally trained individual to make sense of it all.

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