I went back and forth with this.

There isn't time to be on a bunch of social media accounts and keep up with them all.

I'm on a couple of different ones, but really I'm still experimenting with them. So much so, that I think it wouldn't be a good idea to just list them all here. At least not at the moment.

One day, I'd like to just have trusted connections via the use of verifiable credentials technology (peer-to-peer verified trusted connections), but until that technology is widely adopted, the next best thing is staying subscribed to the daily email list.

This will prevent being lost or dismayed if one of the social media accounts up and closes or gets closed down. If you see any videos or podcasts, they're hosted elsewhere and those accounts are also not guaranteed to stay up.

The best way to stay connected is through the email list.

ALSO - fresh content goes to the email list first. Most of it is also put on the website and repurposed and published elsewhere to get the word out, but all of it comes through the email list first. Content getting up on the website is sometimes delayed.

For now, the social media accounts that do exist (yeah if you find them!) will most likely just be used to generate more traffic to help get the word out. But like I said, I don't want to have them forever and they can disappear at any time.

It's more important to be aware of the urgency that exists over beginning your very own journey with this legal course than it is to be followed on social media:

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