Winter came earlier than normal this year.

I guess that's to be expected from time-to-time living at a higher elevation. I'm not a fan of shoveling snow by any stretch of the imagination.

I want to ignore the powdery fluff falling from the sky at the moment and curl up with a good book.

Thankfully, I have several to choose from:

  • King James bible
  • The autobiography of Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.
  • Edward Snowden's book "Permanent Record"
  • The legal course I won't shut up about
  • "The Non-Sense Factory", a book about our broken legal system
    and more books about litigation and the minds of lawyers. Of course, there's all the unread fiction I'd love to get to.

There's only so much time and equally as long as I can ignore the snow that needs to be shoveled.

This is like our legal issues we face (whether they're our fault or not). It's like a seasonal issue, sometimes dragging on longer than we thought possible. But like the snow, it will eventually melt and disappear.

If it gets deep enough, you're gonna have to wade in and shovel a path through it so you can still go about your regular life.

And you do want to get back to living a somewhat normal life don't you?

For me, the legal course is that shovel. It lets you find the sidewalk under the blinding white blanket of the frozen feeling of being overwhelmed. It shows you where to start, what to pick at first, and what to shovel at next.

One shovel full at a time. One document at a time.

You can do this. The legal course shows you how.

Get the keys to justice: