I'd been on a social media site for a few months, talking about the legal course, how it helps, and all of that.

This was before the email list.

One morning I checked the feed and it seemed that several more lawyers (with their clearly outsourced ad blurbs and content) all hopped on the platform.

That's not a bad thing, but it's the advertising that gets me.

First off, if you've been around me long enough, you know how I feel about broken English in any content that is meant to represent any attorney who graduated from law school and passed the BAR exam.

It's shooting the firm in the foot.

It just does and it's sooooo preventable.

Then I thought, "Hmmm... did they just all hop on because they couldn't stand the thought of someone promoting the fact that you can learn what they know for yourself  --- without a law degree?"

Or is it just a spam problem? (A lot of the accounts only had one or two things posted).

I'm not against good lawyers.

I'm against advertising from lawyers who claim there's no other way other than being destroyed the by the courts on your own or having your pocket book fleeced because they'll keep you just shy of being completely destroyed by retaining them.

I'm against lawyers that count on you believing that there's no other way to properly navigate your legal woes.

No. No. and No.

There is another way. You can learn on your own and it's easier than you think. If you're going to shoot something, shoot the status quo.

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