I used to be extremely angry.

Don't get me wrong. I still get mad. False accusations, lying, and corruption "chap my hide" more than just about anything.

A legal system that upholds those behaviors or even seems to encourage it, to me is despicable and reprehensible.

I know between using verifiable credentials technology and individuals learning our court systems for themselves, the majority of issues will be solved.

But it does nothing to necessarily immediately solve any problems you might be facing right this very second.

  • Maybe you were just served paperwork.
  • Maybe you've been falsely accused.
  • Maybe you need to take legal action but you don't know where to start.

There's nothing you as an individual can do about verifiable credentials technology until more and more businesses adopt it.


In the mean time, you can always get an app called Connect.Me and wait till all the features work with all the phones.

The app has a great in-app tutorial that will explain how it works.

Once you see how that works, you can start to imagine how that would work for statements made by law enforcement, findings from forensics, and statements made on court papers.

Hope and Teeth

This technology was the first thing to give me hope when it comes to legal system reform.

The legal course is what gives this hope actual teeth where teeth are applicable.

Verifiable credentials technology is in its beginning stages.

The legal course is developed, honed, proven, and available to the public at large.

The anger I used to feel at the confusion experienced within the system eventually morphed over time in to the five stages of grief.

The legal course, combined with the knowledge and application of verifiable credentials technology, to me, offer an absolute power house of legal solutions, along with closure and healing.

And because of it, I'm far calmer, far more reposed, and far less afraid.

That fact alone, bothers my enemies more than anything.

Not talking about it, however, is no longer an option.

(In fact, when I realized I can't keep quiet about it any longer and started putting these daily emails together, I would learn that I have enough individual pieces of original content, that I can email you every single day for two years, and still not run out of material.)

Not talking about it is like trying to put a fire out by smothering it in a thick oil of pleadings, motions, and affidavits.

Trying to suffocate it, just makes it spread. How it's spread, is key. It started a few years ago and something my (and your) enemies, never really saw coming.

Learning the legal system for yourself can change everything for you.

Get the keys to justice: http://www.keystojustice.com