I'm not a lawyer and don't want to be one.

It was a life-changing realization to accept that the legal system, law enforcement, and the process of investigations aren't actually always there to help or defend you, even when you're the one raising the concerns or issues, or paying for a lawyer in order to help you be heard by the court.

It opened my eyes to what others experience on a daily basis because of these systems.

I've been not only looking for solutions since, but have now found what I believe to the be the "cure": widespread education about the legal system through the self-help course I promote and the adoption of verifiable credentials technology by the legal, law enforcement, and forensics industries.

Now that I'm aware of this two-pronged solution, I feel a duty to talk about it as much as possible.

The legal course reduces many of the barriers to access to justice that four out of five people currently face. And it does it while putting bad legal professionals on "notice" that things will be and already are changing.

I believe that many people, including good legal professionals, welcome this change, the tipping of the scales if you will.

As a non-lawyer, learning these things for yourself gives you an advantage over most pro se individuals. You can get "stealthy revenge" if you will.

No one in the court room is currently expecting a pro se individual who doesn't have close ties to any attorneys or enrolled in college themselves to be able to understand and navigate what is rightly theirs.

You deserve to know how to properly defend your rights.

Get the keys to justice: http://www.keystojustice.com