As a member of the jury, you have more power than you think you do.

Evidently, some of our younger folks don't think this. One man wrote all over a posting -- just how "draconian" it was of Big Brother to "make you" comply with jury duty instructions, on pain of possible criminal charges.

Then the poster puts up a news link of the young 21-year-old man who ended in up in jail for 10 days for "oversleeping" on jury duty day.

Having been summoned for jury duty, I can tell you, this person had LOTS of time to respond. He could have called or written in.

And there's lots of reasons they let you out of it: financial hardship being one. In other words if you don't get paid for being out of work for all that time and it wouldn't let you pay your bills -- you can get out.

There's a very long list of reasons why they let out:

  • nobody to watch your child,
  • medical issues,
  • previous medical appointments,
  • and more.

The fact that he didn't get excused before hand means he was required to at least show up the first day. They stress the absolute importance of this of not missing it.

And the letter even warns of possible criminal charges for not doing so.

Again, all of this happens waaaaayyyyy ahead of time.

That means being responsible and setting two alarms and leaving extra, extra early so you don't end up late due to traffic, etc.

They also have an emergency line you can call if you're are going to end up missing the day of or being late, etc.

Jury duty is a civic responsibility, of way of helping to make sure a jury is not cherry-picked by the opposing party. It's super important to someone else's life, especially if that person is innocent.

Oversleeping by accident?

Sorry. Not buying it. Just my personal opinion.

You never ignore actual legal paperwork. Ever.

The legal course shows you exactly how to respond to it.

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