But how exactly do you accomplish any of that without:

  • breaking the law,
  • losing your mind,
  • going broke,
  • obtaining a BAR card,
  • hiring someone who has one,

or getting a law degree for yourself?

I'm not a lawyer.

I don't want to be one.

I haven't dated any and there aren't any in my immediate family.

I don't congregate with any long enough to get "special favors" or a "family and friends" discount.

I'm not an expert in legal matters and I think I've actually only "won" one legal case my whole life.

So why listen to anything I possibly have to say?

Because I've finally found something that's answered 99% of my questions and removed the majority of fear and anxiety when it comes to even thinking about legal matters.

What I've found, levels the legal playing field for each and every single regular, non-lawyer, non-traditional law student, non-legal professional, like myself.

It provides answers to all sorts of legal questions and conundrums, with strategies, methods, and options that to this day, lawyers and other legal professionals won't provide full answers to.

This was true, even when I was already paying them thousands upon thousands of dollars for their services!

You may have had similar experiences.

The law isn't always fair or right.

A practicing attorney with over 30 years experience, developed a legal course for the normal, every day regular person, in order to understand court procedures, court rules, legal paperwork, research, rules of evidence, and more.

As a lawyer, he understands the law isn't always fair or right.

He got tired of seeing regular people getting hosed in court, just because they couldn't afford typical legal counsel for their legal needs. And?

He also got really tired of members of his own profession ripping other people off.

Because of the course I learned you have every right to do the exact same things as an attorney-at-law does, when it comes to your own case, while representing yourself in court.

Did you know that? Because I didn't. And thinking that through means a few important things:

  • That means you have the right to learn and understand every last thing about court procedures, documents, evidence, objections, trials, and more, without being required to have a BAR card or a law degree.
  • If you're stuck representing yourself, you need to know all of these things in order to effectively defend yourself in or out of the court.

If you don't, there's only two other options that most of us choose.

And they aren't even really "choices."

  1. use a lawyer who may fleece you financially, communicate very little with you, and not advocate for you as well as they could be, OR
  2. read everything you can on forums, law club websites, a few sections of the statutes in your county, cross your fingers you filed your paperwork properly, and start bargaining with God that the judge listens to anything you might have to say (all without getting fired for missing too much work or pissing off your significant other!)
I think most of us might prefer to be stuck in a room with a regrettable ex-lover who hasn't showered or brushed their teeth in a month while we stab our own eyes out with a toothpick rather than choose either of those options.

If this knowledge is both a right and is necessary, why do the ways of the court seem so hidden?

Why the mystery, the bravado, the theatrics, and the intimidation by some legal professionals who intend to keep it that way?

And why, when you've done everything in your power to follow the "letter of the law" does it feel like the court rules against plain and expected outcomes?

This course solves all of that.

It explains everything in simple, easy-to-understand layman's language. It doesn't teach you tricks or courtroom theatrics, or conspiracy theory mumbo jumbo -- just good old fashioned hardened rules combined with case-winning methods.

If you don't know the rules, you can't navigate the courts, let alone the one legal situation, you or a loved one may be facing right now.

Layer upon layer, as you move through the course on your own time, light bulbs of understanding and realization start going off. As each light bulb "comes on", you start to "see" the pattern of a path. You learn how to properly walk that path from the first paper that's filed, to the end of the trial if need be.

And it works for every single type of case, regardless of the type of court: criminal, small claims, traffic, family, juvenile, etc. It doesn't matter.
  • You have the right to learn and understand everything about our modern day court systems as they currently stand in their modern structures.
  • You don't have to try and trick the courts, the opposing counsel, or even challenge the court or judge over common internet theories you might read about.
  • You also don't have to be bamboozled or intimidated by a lawyer who's being vague with you, won't answer your questions, or who's relying upon your ignorance before or after they've gotten you to give them a retainer fee, just because "you're not their only client."

Look, I can go on and on and on and on about this course. And I do. It's the reason I decided to start a daily email list. If you're not already subscribed, you need to be.

Course Preview

Let me just give you a preview of what you're gonna learn or how you're going to learn it in this course. When I was writing this up, I counted 87 separate things, but even this list doesn't begin to describe the powerful wealth the course contains.

I'm just hitting the top-level stuff here - OK?

This list doesn't even include the 100 different little things I personally felt I learned in the very introductory portions of the course alone.

  • The key to protecting yourself in court from start to finish
  • Three ways to dodge a lawsuit
  • The first thing you should check as soon as you're served paperwork
  • The only two types of law you actually have to manage
  • The three-pronged approach to win any type of case
  • Protect yourself from corrupt business partners
  • Safely shield yourself from out-of-control neighbors
  • Inoculate yourself against incompetent doctors
  • Safeguarding yourself from sibling rivalries
  • Proven methods to keep the court honest
  • How to force the court to protect your rights
  • How to make the court do what you want
  • The cure for "lawlessness" that appears to run freely in the court
  • Why the saying "if you don't know your rights you don't have any" is actually incorrect
  • The biggest reason why your opinions in court don't actually matter
  • What makes a judge worry the most
  • The 1-to-1 secret. Second graders understand it and it can unravel your opponent's case from the beginning.
  • How to control judges
  • The right way to gain the favor of a judge
  • Four things you should never do in front of a judge
  • How to hire and control lawyers
  • Defeat crooked lawyers without ending up in jail
  • What must be done to win in court before you speak to a lawyer, should you choose to consult or hire one
  • Cut down on billable hours your attorney may charge you
  • Keep the lawyer from cheating you
  • What the lawyers should be doing on your case and how to call them out on it when they aren't
  • Avoid paying for lazy-lawyering
  • Stop your own lawyer from treating you like the bad guy
  • Preserve more of your wallet from being drained through legal fees
  • Draft proper pleadings that send point-blank messages to the heart and mind of the opposing counsel and the judge
  • What admissible evidence is and what it isn't
  • How to get evidence into the record
  • Why you should forget "clever" arguments during a case
  • Legal forms explained in every day language
  • Making effective courtroom objections and when to raise them
  • Why the only thing that matters in court is the ink flowing from the judge's pen
  • Five different discovery tools, when and how to use them
  • Proven case-winning procedures (regardless of the type of case you're facing)
  • Surprise your opponent by carrying yourself well in court
  • Understand which document can force your opponent to hand over everything from documents drafted years ago to the toothbrush they may have used this morning
  • How to prevent being barreled over by the court and not be taken seriously
  • How to argue with judges and not get thrown out of the courtroom
  • How to stay calm and collected as a ninja who's already won their fight
  • The real secret of interpreting the statutes. (Hint: You don't have to do it yourself)
  • How to sort through statutes like a trained and honed samurai
  • When the burden of proof is ACTUALLY shifted to you and when it's not
  • Layered by layer learning
  • Learning that accommodates most learning styles - text, audio, visual, using slides, cartoons, and other imagery
  • Be pro se, without be treated like you're pro se
  • Demystify the legal industry once and for all
  • Gain confidence, play fair, and play to win (even though your finances and your life are no game!)
  • The dirty and lazy tricks that the other side will sling at you and how to defeat them with the swipe of a pen
  • When the issues you're having with the neighbor become legal issues
  • How natural law and common law all play into our current system and how to use it to your advantage
  • Common (and uncommon) reasons to sue
  • Which defenses are OK to use and under which conditions you should present them
  • Specific defenses you should avoid like the plague
  • Which set of facts and which set of laws applies to your case and how to confidently forget everything else
  • Rules of Procedure
  • Rules of Evidence
  • Moving the court
  • Demanding hidden evidence
  • Filing defenses with teeth
  • Stop foreclosure and debt collection in their tracks
  • Winning on appeal
  • Winning in family court
  • Legal research done right
  • How to stay out of jail
  • Legal writing with ease
  • How to remove intimidation
  • Property fundamentals
  • Effectively collect money judgements
  • Stop loosing needlessly
  • Why learning legal theory isn't enough to win in court
  • How to win before you ever get to trial
  • Know ahead of time if you have a winnable case or not
  • Why "admissible at trial" and "admissible to court" are two different things and how to use them to your advantage
  • Turning your opponent slowly inside out with just one single piece of paper
  • Why being a "writer" can hurt you in court
  • The difference between actual proof and an offer of proof. Did your lawyer explain the difference?
  • Avoiding empty and baseless arguments from misguided self-grown law clubs
  • The six different types of cases and how to figure out where you're at in each
  • Proving obvious facts almost instantaneously
  • The two hinges all cases actually hang off of
  • Detailed tutorials
  • How to be a true patriot without painting a needless target on your back, getting tossed in jail, quitting your job, or living in the woods
  • How to send your opponent's attorney into a conniption fit (if you so desire)

And would you like to know another secret? I'm not even done taking the course yet.

I'm only on the first pass through and I haven't even started to take notes yet.

It's so good, so indepth, yet so simple, it's already demystifying the ways of the court, answering questions that could have been answered by the legal professionals I'd previously hired, and leveling the playing field for the regular individual.

I made the mistake of waiting too long to learn.

I thought I was going to need countless hours and undivided attention to learn.

I thought I was going to be stuck in a dusty law library enduring odd looks, immature snickers, and dirty looks from slaving law students and fresh paralegals on my nights and weekends.

And then I thought the text would be so boring, I'd end up stabbing my eyes with toothpicks anyway.

I thought trying to learn was pointless.


Like I said, I have a lot to say.

I'm not even going to justify the cost, the course is that good. It's around one hour's worth of an attorney's time. If you've ever had to pay for an attorney or know someone who has, then you know the price of this course is an absolute God send. You get access for a full calendar year from the time you buy the course and the materials are updated yearly. If you renew before 30 days prior to your expiration date -- you get to renew for less than 99$ for another year! Less than half!

The materials are quite literally worth their weight in gold.

But this course isn't for everybody.

It's not for people who don't like to follow directions (or recipes). You can't just open the course, navigate to the section you think you need, read two paragraphs, and find the exact answer you need for your exact legal situation, and think your problems are solved. It's layered by layered learning. For this course to be effective for you, you have to learn the material in order. It's not just the material that's unique, it's how it's taught.

It's not for people who are looking for scripts to memorize. You won't be able to just search through the course, find a few sentences, paste them into your legal document, file it with the judge, and stand there as if you're wearing Tony Stark's Iron Man outfit. Not even Tony Stark would be impervious to the judge's response to that.

You just have to see it for yourself.

The first thing you should do is get subscribed to my daily emails if you're not already. Being subscribed means you'll get to see first hand how the course has changed things for me and as long as you stay subscribed, you'll never lose the link below.

You and your loved ones need to know the truth.

How to Win Without a Lawyer
Legal Self-Help Course Step-by-Step for People Who Cannot Afford a Lawyer