Dear Lawyers and Attorneys:

People taking the self-help legal course isn't a threat to your business or your way of life. It doesn't matter how much you attempt to play on the fear of "not having an attorney" for legal matters -- when four out of five people cannot afford your services.

That's it. Game over.  They can't afford you, so it doesn't matter.

I know why you can't lower your costs. That's a whole other can of worms, but that does nothing for your prospective clients.

You're gonna do far better by having a decent conversation and meeting the individuals where they're at.

Wouldn't you want to clients to have taken the legal course so you guys can have more efficient conversations?

Respecting this will increase your client base and your client satisfaction. The old method of marketing for business is over. Things are changing.

I can help. I'll be here you to help you as a legal professional, as your business starts to transition. Because over time, it will.

If you don't believe me you can always get a copy of the course for yourself and run through it to see what I'm talking about it. I'm sure you can find a way to write it off as a business expense.

I'm not a threat or your enemy.

If you are truly all about access to justice, we're on the same side.

Let's work together start to change things.

Get the keys to justice: