If I can't explicitly give you the contents of the self-help course and I can't (and don't want to) give you legal advice, how is it possible I've managed to find something to say about it daily?

Ya know - beyond the whole: "Here's what you get and wait there's more!!!!" bit?

It's been a few months since I started the course and the more I learn, the more I start to "notice things." It's exciting. Kind of like when you're a kid and you learn how something "mysterious" actually works and so you start talking about it.

Keep in mind, I'm not even able to study daily or sometimes weekly, or anything like that. It's a very comfortable "at your own pace" course. I have a life to tend to, just like you do.

But as I've been working my way through the course, like I said, I've picked up on things that weren't there before.

Like when you're watching a fictional crime drama on TV, especially court room scenes. One night, I found myself objecting out loud as I was watching the show, right along with the characters.

I had only been into the introductory parts of the course at that point -- not even into the meat and potatoes yet and I could clearly see and understand why the lawyers in the fictional TV show were objecting!

Only lawyers or law students can learn this?

Before I believed learning something like that about court was both complicated and fraught with perils. Something only reserved for lawyers to earn the right to know. Something only lawyers could do.

That's not true. EVERYONE HAS A RIGHT TO LEARN THIS STUFF. And it wasn't hard or complicated (once it was explained).

  • What I'm learning comes up in conversations.
  • I can filter the news headlines and article content with more accuracy.
  • I've stopped getting so "emotionally hooked" on the surface when I hear about an issue and can look deeper.
  • I'm able to "sort stuff" out now more methodically when it comes to hypothetical legal scenarios.

Somehow, they way the author teaches it (with cartoons, video, audio, text, etc.) in the order he teaches it, it just seems to fall into place.

And I've just ended up talking about it one way or another.

Creating an email list around it seemed to be the most efficient way of getting the word out.

I know how important it is and how life changing it is.

I'm living it and I just have to keep talking about it.

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