The first thing that bothered me is that I hadn't seen his post before.

The platform I was on should have filtered it into my feed, but obviously didn't. According to some of the time stamps on the comments -- it hasn't for about six months.

I digress.

This man was telling his story -- about foreclosure, the fraud he felt was happening (and he could be right), and what happened to him and his family while he tried to resolve it.

The post was a gargantuan wall of scrolling text. As expected, he used lots and lots of victimizing and emotionally charged words.

I get it though.

When things don't add up, it means one of two things are happening:

  • we don't have enough information  or
  • injustice and wrongdoing could be afoot.

When we see what's written on the books, but see judges, lawyers, law enforcement officers, and other people who work in these systems not following the few rules we just read, it looks like they're going against the very grain they're charged in their capacity to keep.

We cry foul.

His problem is that he didn't have enough information and by flailing around on his own (because he's one of the four out of five people that cannot afford a lawyer), he made his situation worse.

It's not wrong because he tried to go about it alone.

It was wrong that he didn't have the missing information he needed.

It's not his fault. Most of us go through our whole lives without learning the ways of the court or what we should do first if we think a legal injustice is happening.

Most of his mistakes happened in the beginning of his situation.

Many in "the system" know this and don't care if you know the rules or not.

They know the rules they're supposed to be playing by. They know the rules that control them and control the processes.

Now keep in mind, the only reason, I was able to spot those things is because of the legal course I take and talk about daily.

Had this man known, he could have taken appropriate measures to halt the process, or at the very least make the people involved prove the claims, with hope of some sort of remedy on the other end of things.

He could have avoided jail.

It never works when you just read your local statutes and think that's all there is to the matter.

Often times, it isn't.

The legal course will help you sort through what is what, how, and when.

You need to start learning today. Don't keep putting it off.

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