Let me come along side you, show you how to be the hero of your own story, and then document it in a way so that it's useful, unique, and unforgettable.

Your business and your legacy deserves that.

With over 25 years combined experiences writing for both in print and on the web, across a wide variety of industries, I can easily slide into your existing projects, nearly immediately spot how to improve your processes, and if you allow me to, I can your make your documentation and documentation processes:

  • flow in a unified manner,
  • reduce stress and increase efficiency for your employees,
  • make you look nearly perfect in the eyes of your customers, increasing their confidence and satisfaction in you and your brand,
  • allow an open source community to more easily integrate and support your projects,
  • and create a desire within potential investors and customers to hand over their hard earned cash.

Your company and your brand deserve more than just "good enough" instructions, testimonials, or marketing material.

Your customers, the industry you serve, and your investors demand it.

  • Good enough just gets your foot in the door.
  • Good enough lets your customers and investors listen to you just long enough to eventually forget everything you verbally said.
  • Good enough, leaves your end user hanging or feeling like they've done something wrong to make your product not work, or worse, that it wasn't as customer friendly as you originally purported.

Great documentation fixes all of those things and provides empowerment, freedom, liberation, voice, consistency, and strength at a regular cadence.

A silent, but vital heartbeat, if you will.

  • It empowers your customers to use your products or services without issue or fail the first time, leaving a positive impression for the money they just spent.
  • It's freedom from having to track down the right person in the right department to get a missing piece of knowledge that probably should have been documented in a central location long ago.
  • It's liberation from having to find that "one doc" in a stack of folders on your hard drive or in the cloud under a file name, you're not quite remembering.
  • It's a unifying and projecting voice of brand, mission, and vision, for both employees and customers.
  • It's consistency in your tone, message, ideals, and the standards your customers and investors trust in.
  • It's the strength, the hidden spine, that supports your undertakings, protects your way, and unlocks future opportunities.
Your documentation does more than you think it does, whether you like it or not.

This is true, regardless of the type:

  • technical writing
  • copywriting or marketing materials
  • whitepapers
  • Business-to-Business (B2B) case studies
  • knowledge base repositories
  • SDK and API documentation
  • comments within your code base
  • opinion or opt-ed pieces
  • full-length books
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
  • training materials
  • onboarding materials
  • new employee welcome packets
  • announcements and press releases
  • company newsletters
  • email campaigns
  • historical narratives
  • website material
  • blog posts
  • slide decks

and more...

I've done all these things and done them in a way that gets the intended results.

Over the last 25 years, and more so concentrated in the last seven, I've authored and assisted with all of the above items (and more) I just listed.

I've left satisfied clients and employers with new understandings, grateful insights, and strong, but organized, consistent work that has increased revenue, streamlined processes, and unlocked new growth opportunities.

Here's just a "peek" at my personal arsenal:

  • Bachelors in Information Technology with a concentration in Computer Programming
  • Associates of Arts in Business Administration
  • Associates of Science in Applied Computer Science
  • a coveted lifetime membership to the holy grail of all persuasive ¬†writing secrets at American Artists and Writers, Inc (AWAI.com)
  • experience working in the travel, finance, publication, telecommunications, automotive, blockchain, and open source industries.
  • translating written and verbal material from "developer" to "owner" to "investor" to "customer" and back again naturally and easily, staying true to the tech while giving your audience the "light bulb" moment you intended
  • knowledge base repository and website creation for internal and external use
  • asking questions that uncover hidden requirements and expose new and exciting use cases
  • open source contributions to the Hyperledger Indy project
  • never being intimidated by markdown document translations
  • heavy editing of whitepapers, columns, blog posts, how-to documents, user guides, release notes, book chapters, reports, requirements specs, and more
  • documentation consultation to internal departments and external companies
  • the ability to take a back seat when clearly directed to do so when it comes to consulting and providing recommendations
  • concise communication
  • familiarity with Jira, Trello, Github, Gitlab, Madcap Flare, Guru, and the Google Suite of products
  • seamless integration with global teams

Hire me and never look back.

Give me your existing documentation and documentation needs (even if you're starting from scratch) and stop drowning in drafts, snippets, and lost versions.

Let me tame the ugly purple, snarling, red-eyed, documentation monster growling from underneath your desk. I know its secrets, habits, and ways.

Hire me and your drafts become specialized, empowering, and revenue-creating content.

Give me your "developer speak", your whiteboard scribbles, your random ideas, and I'll find, create, and present the precious treasure within each of them if that is what you need.

Show me a process, let me ask the questions the others may not, and I'll document it so that it can be easily referenced in the future by others.

Give me bland whitepaper, and I'll make it turn heads.

Turn me loose on your website or blog and I'll keep your readers wanting more content.

I am the one you've been looking for.

When you hire me and I'm fully allowed to do what I do best, your documentation problems start slipping into the background and your employees and customers forget what friction was.

If all goes well, I eventually fade in the background, maintaining your documentation repos, website content, and become the "go-to" sought after editor for the rest of your content.

When working with a team, I bring all of these strengths to those who may be already performing some of these tasks. Many on the new team, who work in similar capacities, find my approach refreshing, helpful, and eye-opening.

Iron sharpens iron and in the end, every single employer and former client has been grateful for the work provided.

Can I help you with your documentation needs?

Talk to me about what you're working on and what you'd like to accomplish. I'm actively seeking new employment and I'm available to work on site or remotely.

If you're reading this, you most likely already have my contact information. If not, please send an email to Misty [at] Mistywrites.com.

If you haven't seen them already, see specific WRITING SAMPLES . You can also read other content on my site at your leisure.