Being subscribed to my email list and or following my other content is NOT a substitute for purchasing the self-help legal course and learning the legal system on your own.

Not even close!

The author of the course, as a practicing attorney, has specifically asked that I not reveal the contents of the course as I tell you about what it's done for me and how it's helping others. Rightfully so, he doesn't want anyone to rely on tidbits and shavings of information alone to help defend themselves in court.

And by honoring that, I don't become guilty of "giving legal advice". Since, I'm not a lawyer and you and I don't have an "attorney-client" relationship, I can't give you legal advice.

He doesn't believe in giving a potential client "just enough rope to hang themselves with."

And I have no desire to even try and give you legal advice.

The course he put together goes over everything you need from start to finish, including where to start, why to start there, what to study next, and so on.

Forget the images of the dusty law libraries containing endless law books and the intimidation of the freshly pressed suits of competitive cut-throat lawyers.

The author of the course fixes all of that and more. I've never seen anything like it.

And that's why even though, I can't shut up about the course, you need to be aware that I can't give you the contents of the course and anything and everything in my content about it is no substitute for you buying the course and learning for yourself.

All I'm doing is pointing you to that resource.

I'm just someone who's promoting it because I know by doing so more people who need it will learn about it. This, in turn, will have amazing "natural consequences" for the legal industry.

  • You deserve it.
  • Your family deserves it.
  • Our nation deserves it.

Just remember, that in no way shape or form should you ever believe that what you read in my personal content will get you out of jail, stop your case from progressing, fix the interrelated problems the legal system has laid upon you, etc. Instead, you need to get the course, read it, watch it, study it. Take notes. You can learn.

And it will change your understanding of the legal system forever.

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