I still don’t want to join your email list, but I might have to just change my tune.

I recently wrote an article about not wanting to join your email list.

I  still feel that way. I don’t want to join five different platforms to  keep track of all my favorite authors or just to be able to find all of  their work.

I have to admit, I’m still feeling conflicted over the whole mess.

Because let’s face it. It is a mess.

Maybe I’m wrong.

The numbers  prove over and over again, that having an email subscriber list is better for long term income purposes when you’re making money online.

I can’t ignore the data.

While I’ve been stewing over this, I had the realization: maybe email is just one more channel — one more method that some people prefer to stay in touch.

Some people prefer Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Medium, Github, and more.

Maybe some people prefer email over all of those other channels.

It’s a possibility.

If that’s the case, can’t I make their email experience a bit better?

Could  I solve the email problem once and for all by providing a way to organize and sort through their inbox and keep track of their favorite  authors all in one place?

It’s possible.

I’m trying to formulate a solution.

I’ve been brainstorming on this since I wrote the article and asking myself interesting questions.

  • How could I solve this problem?
  • How would I want to organize my email communications for those who subscribed?
  • How could I make their experience better?
  • What could I offer them to sign up for an email list if I did decide to change my perspective on this?
  • What if I — — <fill in the blank> ?
  • Could I build successful meaningful connections and relationships solely through email?

And I’ve been mulling this over and over and over and over again since I wrote it.

I think that’s a good thing.

I’m not ready to start an email list.

Not just yet.

I don’t have anything to sell you.

I have some ideas though on how to end the email-aggedon in your inbox.

Being  a writer, I know I could easily document it all. Test it of course as I  go along, and rework the documentation as I do. When I’m done, I just  might have a “Report” or a “Free PDF” or a “Solution to END ALL  SOLUTIONS!!!!”

Just kidding on that last one.

I’m going to keep toying with the idea though. I’ll keep refining the how’s, the what’s, and the why’s.

Maybe I should just start with the “WHY”. Maybe that will dictate the how’s and the what’s.

I don’t like being rushed.

FOMO can go suck my big toe and or repeatedly sit on a very thorny cactus.

Things done right are worth taking the time to build a proper foundation.

I can’t be on all the social media channels. I don’t want to be. I don’t enjoy the games or the time suck.

So  for me — that leaves email as the only real viable channel to knowingly  build a following regardless of what third party platforms are doing.

If I’m going to change my perspective on having an email list, joining email lists and staying in touch with email, I have to make certain I can do it in a way that resonates with me and reduces stress.

Those of you that know me a bit better, know I really don’t have patience for fighting with software.

I  have slightly more patience for dealing with irritating software though, than I do spiders that feel the need to cross over into the interior of my home.

The numbers say it’s going to be worth my time to learn dealing with email lists, to invest in it and to work with it over the long term (until a  better solution comes out).

I’ll admit I’m closer to accepting the need for an email list than I was previously.

We’ll see what happens.

Maybe  eventually, you’ll look up in that tag line under my name and find my very own email list to subscribe to. We’ll see. I haven’t decided yet.