If you're kids are in foster care for any reason, you really want to work at getting them out.

First, not all foster parents are bad. Some do a really great job and those foster parents should be thanked.

But like our legal systems, the foster care system has gaping holes that leave individuals vulnerable.

You've read the stories.

You've watched the videos.

You might even have been in one of those foster homes.

Some states will send foster kids to out of state facilities where they live in poor conditions, are exposed to potential harm, and or receive unnecessary drugs.

I didn't know that part of it until I read an article about the Governor of Oregon who asked the head of Child Welfare department in Oregon to resign. She allowed kids to be kept in hotels and sent to out-of-state for profit centers, sometimes that were on the same campus as a prisons. Some of these places allegedly administered unnecessary drugs to these kids.

I realize that this was just one article and that most likely, there's more to the story. There usually is with these types of things, but it's pretty indicative that she was asked to step down.

A lot of kids get caught up in the foster system because their parents couldn't make headway with the social services or child protective services.

Learning what needs to be done every step of the way, can help reduce the likely hood you'll fall prey to certain tactics used by these organizations.

Life isn't perfect and neither are we. It doesn't mean you don't have your rights and those of your child(ren) to not be protected.

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