What are your product or services?

There's a couple of things.

1) I lead people to a self-help legal course that teaches them about court and law in plain English (layman's terms), with easy to understand concepts. At no charge to you, if you purchase the course, I receive a commission.

Feel free to learn more about the course here.

2) I also offer my services in the workplace or for private clients revolving around documentation, technical writing, B2B copywriting, creative writing, content production, content management, content strategy, information development, case studies, email campaigns, column writing, copy editing, proofreading, and more.

Why did you start this platform?

I needed a place to:

  • house all of my more recent work, the work I've published in the past that I want to still display, and the work I'll create in the future.
  • be expressive and say what I want without getting "shut down" by a third party platform.
  • be able to know that all of this work can actually be found and is actually visible to any of my readers at all times. That way I don't have to be reliant upon a third party's algorithm – ever.
  • provide a base or a starting point if I ever want grow my creative works for the future.
  • explain exactly what I think is the two-pronged solution to solving issues of access to justice and the balancing of the scales in the legal, law enforcement, and forensics industries.

How do I get in contact with you?

The fastest way, if you don't already have my contact information from previous interactions, a resume, etc., is the email address at Misty [at] Mistywrites.com. If you're willing to wait for the snail mail: Misty S. Bledsoe, PO BOX 18622, Salt Lake City, UT 84118.

If you do already have my info my from previous interactions, please use that contact information instead. Helps keeps things simple.

Do you offer any affiliate programs?


Do you participate in affiliate marketing?

I do now, yes.

Are you on any social medias or other writing platforms?

Any social media accounts or other writing platforms I may be on are just for convenience only. I'm still experimenting with this.

Please know however, I am NOT on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat and have NO plans to be.  

The best way to read my work is to get on my daily email list. That's the most reliable and fastest way to get all my work first, irregardless of what any third-party platforms are doing or will be doing in the future.

Any social media account  or other writing platform I may have could be deleted or removed at any time, with or without notice. Don't get left behind!

How can I get on your mailing list?

Get signed up for my daily email list here.

Where can I learn more about Verifiable Credentials Technology?

The folks who digitized it are Evernym. The place that is currently using it for identity purposes is Sovrin. But the Sovrin network has the capacity to register other types of credentials (or claims), not just identity. Each company has more information on their website.

For a video (52 minutes) explaining  how verifiable credentials works currently, you can view a previously recorded webinar put on by Evernym. You view it here. There's also a quick five minute video on the Sovrin homepage.

I don't get anything for promoting this technology except personal satisfaction.

How can I support you further?

  1. If you're not subscribed: Subscribe.  (Subscribing is free.)
  2. When you're ready to, purchase the legal course, and start learning.
  3. Tell me about your experiences with legal matters, legal professionals, law enforcement, or investigations when you feel inspired to.
  4. If that's not enough and you want to send me funds in US dollars (preferably in US or International Postal Money Orders), you can send it to: Misty S. Bledsoe, PO BOX 18622, Salt Lake City, UT, 84118. Just know, I'm never responsible for them not reaching me for any reason. And thank you. That is 100% never expected! All such offerings will be considered a straight gift, with no expectation of products or services received in exchange for such.

Do you accept any crytpocurrencies?

Nope. Not having or dealing in cryptocurrencies makes my life easier come tax time.

Any social media accounts I may have, that may offer "tokens" to their members or writers, are purely only used "in-house" or "off-chain", and are never exchanged, used, swapped, traded, gifted, or received "on-chain" on any form of distributed ledger or blockchain at any time, for US dollars or any other accepted legal tender. Any and all claims that financial transactions occurred and or were exchanged or distributed for legal tender demand strict proof.

The "tokens" only have a perceived value to the social media account it may apply to, similar to game points, or store credits. These "tokens" on such platforms may be used in exchange for views on that platform only as they have zero monetary value outside of the platform.

As a consequence, I won't be using any platforms that offer only "on-chain" type "tokens" or cryptocurrencies or providing a crypto addresses to receive funds into.