If you know me or have been following along, you'll know I think that's complete horse crap.

I'm all for privacy preserving protocols, including verifiable credentials technology, complete with ninja like stuff like zero-knowledge proofs.

I also don't believe in allowing back doors into fully encrypted products. Doing so sets a precedence that absolutely nothing left remaining in our lives is private.

If I want to be fully spied on, monitored down how much I drool and (allegedly) snore at night, be judged for what "I might do", and or not be able to fully defend myself against all the alleged stuff "they" said they've found or compiled against me, I'll take up residency in China.


That's why I had to say something when I saw a lawyer in a YouTube clip going on and on about the woes of not having back doors into certain encrypted software.

His complaint?

That it was preventing him from getting easier access to evidence.

When legal professionals are crying about the lack of back-door encryption, it's a symptom of political and or illegal financial pressures towards or by the attorney themselves.

Here's the thing:

There's already proper protocols to go through to get evidence admitted into the court.

When you're in litigation, the other side is going to try and block you from getting your hands on this evidence.

There's also a way to force the court to make the other side actually comply when that happens.

(I was shocked to learned too.)

Do you think the rest of us trying to win a case or prove something get to lobby and pressure others for back-door encryption issues because our discovery requests were ignored or blocked?

Nope. The cries fall on deaf ears.

No, if the lawyer has a valid and properly executed search warrant for specific information or a subpoena based on the ultimate facts listed in the causes of action on the filed pleadings, he or she can have it served through the proper channels.

They know better.

They can still get the information and they know exactly how.

Once you take this legal course, you'll know exactly how too.

It also lets you see this kind of thing for what it is: fear mongering and posturing.

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