"Good people don't need laws to tell them how to act responsibly...and bad people will find away around the laws." -- Plato

You might have seen this quote before.

In some respects it's true. In other respects, the response and understanding to this quote wholly depend upon the definitions of "act responsibly" and "good" and "bad".

Believing in people, hoping in the best, and generally "doing the right thing" in life, doesn't mean you're immune to unwanted legal issues.

When you find yourself caught up in in what seems to be an issue that "should get cleared up quick", it doesn't mean that once you go before judge, the judge won't do something you won't expect.

After all, it's simple common sense that should have cleared this up right? I mean, clearly the judge can see you're in the right based on what normal, acceptable, behavior is. Right?

But that isn't how the law always operates. There are rules and procedures that must be followed. Those rules may state something different than you're expecting.

Today, you can't trust people to operate with good ol' fashioned common sense. You can't trust that the judge will always operate with your worldview and your perspectives either. It's important to understand how legal matters play out and what do at each step of them -- even if you're a "good person."

The course teaches you everything you need to know to avoid falling into the "it's just common sense your Honor" trap.

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