The devil's in the details.

For most of us that means the Terms of Service we must agree to before we enter into transactions (regardless of the type), with a business, app, or website.

Have you ever really read those lately?

Most people don't and it's a mistake. (You can find a link to mine at the bottom of the website).

There was a case this last summer where Comcast found themselves in super hot water for breaking a law and inflating customer's bills over 44k times. A $9M dollar fine was handed down.

Comcast was signing people up for a "worthless" protection plan without their consent.

Someone in their legal department probably told them to go ahead and "do it" while feeling a false sense of security over a "loophole" that the lawyer felt no one would probably challenge. One of those pretty vague clauses you find in most contracts.

The Terms and Service I have on my website is used by more than one professional website owner and was written up by attorneys.

There's still a time and place to use good attorneys.

Since most people don't read these things (let alone check their bills every month), they couldn't see the one or two places that would have raised little alarm bells.

Those that found the inconsistencies probably didn't know where to start when it comes to figuring out how to make it stop and or get justice on their own. With nine million on the table, it stands to reason, at least one lawyer was contacted.

I'm grateful for good lawyers. Good ones.

But four out of five people can't afford a lawyer. They still deserve justice. More and more people are learning on their own.

The legal course shows you where to start.

Get the keys to justice: