Columbo always asked just one more question.

He was one of my early childhood heroes. Once he figured out how a wrong doing had been committed, he would ask those involved,  "...just one more thing..." In doing so, he would ask questions he mostly likely already knew the answer to.

Fast forwarding a few decades, I've learned I ended up behaving in a similar way.

When a wrong has been committed, I know the truth, and have figured out the facts, I can usually ask "just one more question"  and see the other person's understanding dawn.

It's not manipulative.

It's a chance to right the wrong. A chance to come clean. A  chance to avoid the messy and complicated consequences that lay ahead.

Every episode, I waited for the bad buy to change their mind, fess up, and make better choices.

Sometimes it happened and sometimes it didn't, but either way at the end of the day, you knew the truth.

When you're dealing with legal issues, its OK to keep asking as many questions as you have, even if they come up later. It's your case. You're the one that's either seeking justice or defending  yourself.

Your lawyer, in most cases, won't be as involved toward your advocacy as you are. They aren't as invested in the rest of your  life or the resulting and lasting effects the process will have on your  finances and relationships.

Asking questions is how you learn. And you have a right to the answers.

Personally, I got tired of being ignored or only getting vague and canned answers to my very specific questions.

The legal course answers many of your questions.  Questions, the lawyers know the answers to but for whatever reason just  "don't come clean" about.

And the answers can help you navigate or rectify the wrong doing at hand.

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