I just read an article where a lawyer working as an independent contractor was giving tips to employers and individuals on how to push back against some new laws regulating independent contractors and employees.

It was good advice, but my justice-pricked-ever-loving ears picked up on some phraseology that just gets to me.

She was advising people and employers to hire the best legal counsel they could afford, to push back as long as they could afford to, and to fight as long as they could afford to.

Because we all know what happens the second you can no longer afford to: you're left alone to defend your case without guidance or knowledge, and you're probably gonna get the short end of the stick.

But why does it have to be that way?

Why should we have to choose between justice and our bank accounts?

I don't think we should. Neither does the attorney who wrote this course. It's easier to learn than you think and costs only a fraction of typical retainer fees. He makes it easy.

Applying what you learn will give you a fighting chance.

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