I can't give you legal advice.

It's against the law and I refuse to give you tidbits you can find from Google.

There's a man who keeps asking for information, keeps reaching out for anyone to help him on one of these message boards for a case he's working on.

I can see his point of view and hear his frustration.

The problem is, is he doesn't want to get the course and study the material on his own.

He keeps Googling, begging, and Googling some more, looking for that one silver bullet that's somehow going to magically tie the judge up into knots, and reverse the harm that's been done to him and his family through the current legal systems.

Out of desperation, at one point, anyone seeking help for a legal situation who cannot afford a lawyer, has done this.

Myself included.

  • You get your hopes up, but then run into a dead end.
  • You get your hopes again, but you find conflicting information.
  • You take advantage of the free consultations offered by lawyers and you get even more conflicting information.


Why does the system seem to want to hide these things and why can no one give you a straight answer?

Because the legal system and court procedures are the same in many ways and they differ in others.

What actually controls a court in one area may not control a court in another.

And it doesn't matter if it's Federal, State, or even if you believe one article in the Constitution should "fix it" making jurisdiction irrelevant to you.

The courts only care about what is on the books and what is on the books that controls that court.


Nothing else matters.

  • Begging an attorney for legal advice without retaining one will only get you some form of "You need to hire an attorney."
  • Googling for help from non-legal professionals who can't give you legal advice anyway, have no business even trying to tell you what to do next.
  • Even if you do find what you think you need to "fix" your case -- it doesn't mean that the court will hear it.

Google is a lot of things, but it's not a god to beg and plead with. It's a tool. And the only thing it should be helping you do is finding the legal course I can't shut up about.

The legal course teaches you exactly what you need to know, and exactly how to find what controls the courts you're dealing with. This cuts through all of the BS and ends the cycle of getting your hopes up and then crashing in flaming wailing despair.

Do this right and you're saving you and your family potentially thousands of dollars, not to mention the emotional anguish.

Get your own copy of the course here: http://www.keystojustice.com