She's bent down near the edge of the water. A silhouette. Her wings are sticking out of her back, free and relaxed.

This angel walks among us, quietly fitting into our world while doing secret good and carrying out orders from on High like a stealth ninja.

But sometimes, she's sad. Sometimes, she's wondering why she does what she does, and she doubts the ripple effect of change her actions cause.

Periodically, she also longs for home.

She's in the world, but not of it.

When you learn the legal system for yourself, you'll eventually sprout "wings". You can't give legal advice to others without being an attorney-at-law.

That's a given.

But your newfound knowledge and understanding of the courts, court processes, legal documentation, legal rules, and research will help you inadvertently help others.

You can operate within the legal realm, but not being an attorney or legal professional, you're not actually of it.

  • Your new found confidence and calmness will rub off on others who also perhaps cannot afford an attorney.
  • You're sparking gentle hope where maybe there wasn't any before.
  • You're throwing a small life line within the turbulence of a choppy legal situation, the other person feels they'll eventually be swallowed by.
What you don't know, much like our stealthy angel, is that you allowed that person to continue on with their life. They went on to discover new and exciting things about themselves. They passed their new hope and beliefs onto others.

Maybe because of that a relationship or two was salvaged or repaired. Maybe newfound influences happened between them and others. Maybe...

Maybe you being in the legal system but not of the legal system sets off a chain reaction that not only impacts your own life, but those of who's lives you touch, which in turn sparks changes in your neighborhood, city, state, or country.

Being an individual who can operate within the legal system, but still isn't giving legal advice, leaves small but permanent marks for good.

And that is why our beautiful, but sometimes sorrowful angel, continues on in her mission. That is why you must continue on in yours.

You matter and your legal scenario isn't the end of you.

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