And not only that, but for about 1/100th (give or take) of the cost of most law school tuition.

For the legal professional who even spent $10,000.00, to earn the right to work in a law firm, let alone law students with over $100,000.00 in tuition, it's mind boggling how a course can claim to be that good for that little.

And that makes a lot of legal professionals skeptical when it comes to this course.

Some legal professionals don't hate this course, but they're concerned at first. Cautious.

That's not bad. Most lawyers, paralegals, or even court clerks are cautious.

When you take this legal course, you start finding yourself more cautious as well.

Not paranoid necessarily, just more aware of your choices, the words you use, and how you handle other situations in life.

Law school teaches lawyers to analyze things from every possible angle. When legal professionals are initially skeptical about this legal course, that is where they're skepticism comes from.

  • How could a regular, non-legal educated individual learn what they've learned from a simple, yet comprehensive online course without the years they've personally spent in law school?
  • How can this same regular individual do that with only having to spend about one hour's worth of an attorney's time compared to the hundreds of thousands of dollars they've probably spent on law school?

It's only natural to question the logistics. And in this, we're reminded that lawyers and other legal professionals are human.

Well, at least most of them.

The two things you don't have to question are the quality and cost of this legal course. You're going to learn things that only most legal professionals learn by attending law school, but you're gonna do it on your time, at your pace.

And it's in simple language. The attorney who wrote the course made it that way on purpose.

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