Growing up, TV influenced what I learned about justice, law, and the courts.

I wrote a full article about it here.

In essence:

  • Bad guys were caught and brought to justice
  • Lying is bad
  • Good judges and good lawyers never lie
  • Judges could see what was wrong, who was lying and rule rightly
  • The victim of the crime had something in their life that made things right again. Only when I would grow up, would I understand the proper term for that is "remedy."
  • Sometimes it's very necessary to speak up and speak out when certain things are at stake. Your reputation could be harmed in the process or threats could be made toward you.

These were good lessons to learn. I just wouldn't learn until later in life that some of these principles weren't always adhered to and others were played out more dramatically.

I did always believe though that there were safeguards and checks built into the legal, law enforcement, and forensics industries, that would uphold the things I'd learned as a child.

And, thankfully, there are.

It's not OK that injustice seems to go repeatedly "unchecked" within the courts and the various related processes today.

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