Some of them. Many of them most likely.

Some probably started out trying to change the system from the inside out and eventually ran into walls they couldn't break through or senior partners in their firm they couldn't change.

Some of them became cynical.

Some became lulled over by the sheer amounts of money they've made.

It just became easier to go along with that status quo, get their student loans paid, and keep climbing the ladder of prestige.

They're still human.

The thing is, is is one you start taking this legal course, you'll be able start telling the differences between "good lawyers" and "bad lawyers." It's not necessarily spelled out in the course in a module, but you'll find hints and instructions on what each type of lawyer looks like.

Remember, you're in charge of your legal matters. You're responsible for making sure your case is heard properly and or that the lawyer you may have retained is acting properly on your behalf.

You would think that many lawyers would rejoice that such a course exists to help with this. So why are some lawyers frothing at the mouth over the promotion of a course written for regular people by a fellow attorney?

It's a good question.

I think they're afraid.

  • Afraid if more people learn what's really going on, the gig will be up.
  • Afraid, they'll lose more in ongoing retainer fees because potential clients will be more educated.
  • Or, they haven't bought the course and run through it themselves to see regular non-professionals aren't harmed in their newly found legal understanding by the taking of this course.
  • Or maybe their afraid their clients will become argumentative now that they know more.

Maybe some might, but I would say, those individuals didn't finish and truly didn't absorb the material.

You'll see that it breaks everything down from start to finish. Suddenly it all just starts to make sense and there's no reason to be combative.

You can be quietly assertive, just like many good lawyers.

You start understanding why good lawyers are calm, cool, and collected.

Get the keys to justice: