When you've had enough, you start to take action.

Life happens and you learn you get to make choices. When you find the right solutions to things, combined with the right knowledge to help you through your various situations, interesting things start happening.

I've been writing a long time, been on various writing platforms, and have had more than one website.

And now, things are getting kicked up a notch.

If you've been around for a bit, you've noticed different trends and activities when it comes to my posts and other work. Now you'll notice something new: the website is tighter, more focused, and much of what I affectionately dubbed "the whiny posts" are now gone.

This "About" page used to hold my biography, a traditional blurb that most authors have and use:

  • I was born on _____ and grew up  in ____. I traveled ____ and ____ and ____, and so on. Following that was information about my writing credentials, accomplishments, and other such stuff.

And that type of "About" page definitely serves a purpose. For now, I think having all that here takes away from the new goal and the new focus: explaining exactly what I think is the two-pronged solution to solving issues of access to justice and the balancing of the scales in the legal, law enforcement, and forensics industries.

And I'm doing it all while leading individuals to the one thing (that when absorbed and put into practice), solves the majority of their legal woes.

With the technology and the resources now becoming more common place (and available to regular, non-techy, non-lawyer individuals), it's hard to not talk about it every single day.

But you may not have come here for that initially:

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