I'm not just a writer with a set of wicked skills and a need to educate people on better ways of navigating the legal industry. I'm a person too you know. ;)

Here's 50 things you might find interesting about me.

  1. I was born in the 70's.
  2. I grew up in a small town outside Portland, Oregon.
  3. I've lived in southern California and different places in Washington.
  4. My current stomping grounds are the Salt Lake City valley, always subject to change.
  5. I've been married before, to one man twice.
  6. I'm single as of the moment I'm typing this up, also subject to change.
  7. I have two kids, who I share with their other sides of the family. "Same mom, different dads, long story," as the kids like to say.
  8. I'm a lifetime member of American Writers and Artists Institute, Inc.
  9. I have three degrees. An Associates of Science in Applied Computer Science, an Associates in Business Management, and a Bachelors in Information Technology with a concentration in computer programming.
  10. I could only program decently in college.
  11. I can barely code my way past level 15 in the first kingdom of CodeCombat (mostly because I haven't spent a lot of time on it).
  12. I've been called an “easy” button for several small and medium sized businesses looking to streamline their business processes and increase revenue.
  13. I've been crafting stories, poetry, articles, and technical documentation in various forms, with a variety of tools, for over 25 years.
  14. I've been journaling since I was 11 and still have most of my journals in my possession. I'd like to condense them all one day.
  15. I used to have global pen pals when I was a teenager, two in Russia before communism fell in 1989.
  16. I wan an inmate pen pal for seven years later in life.
  17. I like seeing the "light bulb" come on after someone's followed directions I've written. It makes my dopamine receptors all warm and fuzzy.
  18. I've written just about everything you can think of: advertising copy, articles, a full-length novel (unpublished), non-fiction book chapters, technical manuals, white papers, case studies, software specifications, user guides, blog posts, email campaigns, and more.
  19. I'm finding a new groove in legal technology.
  20. I'm a strong believer in verifiable credentials technology with proper privacy-preserving protocols in place.
  21. I'm more of a dog person than an cat person.
  22. I used to live in van.
  23. I suck at learning to speak Esperanto (mostly because I don't devote enough time to it).
  24. I don't bake very often. Once every few years I go on a "baking fit" and I'll bake for most of a day.
  25. I still occasionally prepare for the Zombie apocalypse.
  26. I like the idea of one day walking across America.
  27. I used to be in love with Bear Grylls, until I learned he was married.
  28. I do not, nor have I ever identified as a "Yes man."
  29. More than one employer has asked me "tone it down" when defending their favorite products. (Thank you again to the mentors who helped with this.)
  30. I want to see honor be visibly in the driver's seat in America's legal system.
  31. I usually say what other people are thinking but may be afraid to say.
  32. My personal cell phone has a South Dakota prefix, but I've never physically been there.
  33. I've slept in a hammock at night for the last three years. (Purple mattress brand has been slowly tempting me to go back to a regular bed).
  34. I sleep horizontal, not upside down, despite what you may have heard from an ex or two.
  35. Purses and shoes don't do it for me. Backpacks are my thing.
  36. I rarely use coupons.
  37. I always have at least 30 good ink pens lying around.
  38. I don't own a device typically classified or sold as an eReader.
  39. I'm still reading fiction books I purchased for .25 each five years ago. One day I'll get through them all.
  40. I sleep better when it's raining outside whether I can hear the rain or not.
  41. I go through phases when I'm in the mood to wear make up and when I don't.
  42. My kitchen doesn't have a junk drawer. Mostly because of the design of the kitchen. There's a "junk bin" in the cupboard above the washing machine.
  43. I don't believe in watering my lawn, unless there's an extreme fire hazard in the neighborhood. And then I water the roof too. I used to be the only one. Now there are two of us who do it.
  44. Allegedly, I snore. Severity may vary.
  45. Shopping for pants is usually a two-day event.
  46. I have to mentally get focused and prepared (pray vehemently for peace) before I physically leave to go to Costco.
  47. I never fill out surveys found at the bottom of receipts.
  48. I like the smell of real leather.
  49. I'm definitely not a vegetarian.
  50. I do "deep dives" of research for fun. I know I should probably get out more.

I've been down lots of "rabbit holes" when it comes to information, potential solutions to various legal issues, and the like. That's another reason I believe the legal course is so solid. The other "deep dives" of research left me holding the bag.

The legal course didn't.

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