The sun is shining, the coffee is warm, and I'm grateful.

Grateful for:

  • the good weather,
  • the warm coffee,
  • a roof over my head,
  • indoor plumbing,
  • hot water on demand,
  • the ability to keep paying for the roof over my head (even though I know it's debt, the note is technically built off even more debt on the back end, and my actual labor is required to pay for it),
  • dogs who enjoy seeing me no matter what,
  • warranties and the companies who will honor them,
  • good attempts at great customer service,
  • the ability to read, write, and continue learning if that is what I wish,
  • small bits of reprieve, even while I long for much needed longer ones,
  • plenty of food,
  • sanitary drinking water,
  • great fiction books,
  • even better non-fiction books,
  • people who are willing to negotiate,
  • opened doors of opportunity,
  • divinely closed doors that shouldn't be walked through,
  • men who actually know how to kiss really, really, really well,
  • "analog" homesteading methods to supplement modern ones,
  • the ability to still opt out of having  smart home,
  • the ability to walk, see, hear, smell, and taste,
  • Netflix when nothing else will do,
  • blue-light blocking glasses (first world problems, I know!),
  • prepaid cell phone service,
  • having options,
  • discovering options,
  • believing there are options when everything seems hopeless,
  • the fact that I still have a washing machine made mostly of metal parts rather than plastic ones,
  • being able to remember that "Made in America" meant it was all made and assembled and then sold in America,
  • being able to remember when immigrants were legal immigrants and illegal ones were called aliens,
  • free speech,
  • the King James Bible,
  • a relationship with my kids,
  • to having been in love and knowing I can love again,
  • for knowing beyond that I know, that I if everything absolutely, positively falls apart and fails,
  • for knowing I can start over with literally the clothes on my back and I'll be just fine,
  • the ability to expose lies and not have to live an underground life,
  • true and abiding friends,
  • unconditional parental love,
  • a sense of curiosity,
  • being able to ride a bike,
  • getting to choose between Home Depot and Lowes,
  • miniature cheesecakes,
  • bite-sized chocolates,

and more, obviously.

At least once a day, I can name something (usually more than one thing) that I'm grateful for. Even if it's just the ability and the fact that I'm breathing – even when knowing and being grateful for the fact, really may not solve the major issue I could be in the middle of.

Sometimes it's just good to really just sit and be purposeful about it. A mini-break, one where I don't have to think about how it's all going to end in about 16 hours, and I get to go back to being busy.

I get to choose how I spend my time. Experimenting with it yields great knowledge.

  • I can choose what I want to do for a career (even if I can't change it right away or if others – including certain people, companies, or agencies would be bothered or upset by it),
  • I can choose what I spend my time learning about.
  • I can choose whether or not to do chores or to read fiction or to do both.
  • I can choose to change complete directions and instead take an impromptu short trip out of town.
  • I can choose to stop and feel the sun on my face, the frigid cold on my toes, and the warmth of the coffee as I savor it.

At the end of the day, I'm the one that has to live with myself. Yes, there's stress, but I get to choose how I deal with it, how I move forward, how I cope, how I practice self-care, what to be grateful for, no matter the circumstances.

Not one enemy can take that from me. The world will still move on.

I might as well leave the stress for a time, be grateful, and be present for awhile.

Perhaps I should savor my coffee in the sun more often.