Don't be that guy.

You can't just buy the course, navigate to the forum and ask exactly how to solve your legal problem without at least attempting to read the course in the order it's presented.

When I bought the course I went to the forum to get a better idea of what everyone was coming together to discuss. (And I thought it might be a chance to meet some new people!)

A lot of posts (and I still see people doing this),  were people briefly explaining their legal issues, inserting the proposed strategy they got from a law book from the 1800's or a "sovereign citizen" website, and then asking how to execute on it in court (which usually their next court date was within a week or so).

That's not what this course is about.

You have to read the course. You have to study it. There's no substitute for the layered by layered learning. It's not difficult and you can go at your own pace. It cuts through all the "bull" you read everywhere else. It's a topic I have a lot to say about.

Don't worry. I'm pacing myself.

You can't find a "one-size fits all" script you can just pick out and use at any time during your court procedures.

That won't make your problems go away. I've even seen memes floating around with some of these ready-made "scripts" that you can use when it comes to identifying yourself in court or worse.

There's a reason that behavior sends the judge into a fit.

There's a reason you find maybe only one "anonymous" person, in some random YouTube comment thread, every one or two years, that claims they were successful using these scripts to handle their legal issues.

I'm willing to bet quite a bit, they can't provide ongoing proof that their problems have disappeared.

The legal system, as it is, in its modern day structure has a methodology to it and hard rules of procedure that must be followed. Once you learn these things for yourself, you'll see how silly it is to try and find 50-word scripts that might "stop a judge in their tracks."

Pick out one or two paragraphs from a section and think that will make your problems disappear.

Nope. It's layer by layer and each layer has a meaning and builds on the layer before. Everything has it's own context. I was bummed for a few minutes here and there when I realized I wasn't going to find what I needed exactly in that moment necessarily.

The more I got into it though?

I could see why and I'm grateful the author of the course teaches this way.

I could also see crucial things I would have missed (and that would have hurt later on) had I ignored the context of what I was reading, etc.

You definitely don't want that to be you.

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